Introducing the new L.T. Piver

L.T. Piver perfumes the world since 1774

After nearly 250 years of passion and history, L.T. Piver House reaffirms its ambition to remain a benchmark in the realm of French perfumery. Experience the scents that brought international acclaim to the House, and journey through a magnificent human and olfactory legacy.

The History of L.T. Piver

Dive into the secrets of a captivating tale, where generations of enthusiasts have successively shaped, each in their own time and way, the L.T. Piver House. It is the people and turning-point events that contribute to the house's richness today, its heritage and its values.

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Our Values

Such an extensive heritage is accompanied by values, to which we choose to remain loyal, as they enrich and define the identity of the House.

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The essence of L.T. Piver perfumes is based on authentic formulas and methods. With its own factory in Chartres, in the Cosmetic Valley, the house meticulously oversees its entire production.

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Brand Manifesto

Who we are, what we aspire to be.

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