Our Ancestral Savoir Faire

If the LT Piver Maison has known how to stand the test of time, it is rightly because it has made time its most precious ally.

By being the last Maison of French Perfumery to have made the choice to stick to artisanal manufacturing processes, the brand has made a name for itself by going against the tide of the frantic tempo often imposed by our current era.  

This link to time, over time, defines the singularity of LT Piver fragrances and justifies their unique character.

Just a few small drops of these concentrates are needed to create an olfactive signature that is unparalleled.

"The recipe is both relatively simple whilst also being infinitely complex."

The recipe rests upon an exacting selection of raw perfuming ingredients (which are supplied by renowned perfumers located in Grasse, France) that are delivered directly to our ateliers within the factory.

A short pause in the process allows us to determine the authenticity and originality of our signature: the combination of middle notes that brings together and unites these raw ingredients.

This secret of ancestral manufacturing from the Maison creates an olfactive that is both unique and unparalleled. The middle notes are then left to mature over a number of days and are the common bases of a multitude of fragrances.

These middle notes are then assembled using formulas that have been imagined by the Maison’s Artisan Perfumers in order to create our fragrance concentrates. These formulas are held secret, which guarantees the authenticity of our creations.

The concentrate is then left to generously age without any concern over time constraints (1 to 3 months)

These unique concentrates, obtained without haste, are then placed in alcohol for long maceration in order to ensure their aging within the formula (10 days).

Once aging is complete, the “glaçage”or glazing process will come, followed by filtration and then the final process, packaging done by hand.

The bottles and labels created by the Maison exude a high level of refinement whether it be in their graphology or their attention to detail.

The fragrances are made in France, in the centre of the world-renowned Cosmetic Valley, at a factory in Chartres to the West of Paris.

LT Piver has its very own, eminently talented Expert Perfumer, Joelle Lerioux, who continues to conserve the historic traditions of the Maison.

Thanks to her fine understanding of the steps that are taken during manufacture, she enhances the olfactive signatures of each perfumer-creator at LT Piver, whilst being faithful to their story. This is what has made the brand so successful to this day.