Original Care

Original Care Collection

In a world where the past subtly blends with modernity, some ancient beauty secrets endure, reflecting a time with different practices.

Over 5,000 products once filled the L.T. Piver catalogues. Since then, no other skincare and cosmetics brand maintains such a diverse range. Some treasures of the past weren't abandoned because of their flaws, but simply due to changing tastes and the quest for novelty.

Today, there's a renewed appreciation for these products with their straightforward formulas and intuitive use. The iris milk, gentle and soothing, cleanses the skin with an old-world tenderness. The lettuce sap soap, reminiscent of lush fields, hydrates and comforts even the most sensitive skin. The "bougie originale" will introduce you to a new world of ambiance fragrance. And Mao Tcha is simply a toothpaste powder, gently refreshing and purifying teeth, a fine balance of softness and hygiene.

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