Our Legacy Odyssey

The telling of our Maison’s Story is an invigorating journey through an extraordinary two-century old tale of how a small family business became a household name in fragrance. At LT Piver energy and inspiration have always been in abundance.

LOUIS TOUSSAINT PIVER (1787-1877), The Intrepid Entrepreneur, ALPHONSE PIVER (1812-1882), The Visionary, LUCIEN TOUSSAINT PIVER (1845-1915), The Conscientious One, JACQUES ROUCHE (1862-1957), The Curious One – each one knew, with the help of their enlightened companions of the time, whether it be GEORGES DARZENS or PIERRE ARMINGEAT how to put the brand on centre stage. By shining a global light on an unmistakable French Elegance, these entrepreneurs, through their many travels, were able to enrich the abundant imagination of the brand. 

By continually pushing the boundaries, and exploring with enthusiasm new horizons, this lineage of great minds was able to push the Maison to new heights, thus helping it become one of the most timeless brands, able to build upon its past a flourishing present.

Les Pionniers du Parfum : Innovateurs et Visionnaires

These men were also at the forefront of the great revolutions that would come in perfumery, winning amongst others the “London Prize Medal”in 1851 and 1862, the “First Class Medal”in Paris in 1855 and 1878, the “Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur” in 1867 and, creating multiple trademarks such as for the “essencier” (for separating essential oils), automatic dryers and even tyres.

With an unstoppable passion for their trade, each of these men maintained the same thirst for progress which has allowed LT Piver’s fragrances to travel through the centuries.  

Major Milestones


Michel Adam, a perfumed glove-maker from Versailles, opened his charming boutique named "À la Reine des Fleurs", 82 Rue des Lombards in Paris. The perfumer creator developed  "l'eau vestimentale," a lavender-scented fabric freshener which charmed King Louis XVI!  

This year marked the creation of the house's first Eau de Cologne, which borrowed the name of the boutique – "Eau de Cologne de la Reine des Fleurs" 


In 1813, Pierre-Guillaume Dissey, a first cousin of Michel Adam, and Louis-Toussaint Piver, then employed as a trading clerk at "À la Reine des Fleurs," took over the business. With a deep conviction in the future of perfumery and strong support from their wives, they wholeheartedly invested in their establishment, "Dissey et Piver”.

The business thrived, and their products sold like hotcakes (or should we say, like bars of soap) even beyond the borders. In 1817, la Maison opened its first branches in London, Brussels, and then Barcelona.


Upon the passing of Pierre-Guillaume Dissey, the maison became "LT Piver”, and built its first own factory in La Villette. In the same year, Charles X granted it the patent as a supplier to the Court. This marked the pinnacle of the aptly named "Reine des Fleurs" (Queen of Flowers), where the nobility flocked from early morning until nightfall in search of the latest trinkets. 


Alphonse Dissey and Alphonse Piver, nephews of Louis-Toussaint, acquired the company with the same unwavering belief in the future of perfumery. Business was thriving, and the product catalog expanded to include items for hair, castor oil, macassar oil, iris milk, and a soap made with lettuce juice that was even praised by Napoleon III himself! In 1850, “EAU DES PRINCES” was created.


Alphonse Piver acquired a distillation factory in Grasse. Thanks to a range of innovative processes implemented, and the success of the company, Alphonse received numerous price : in 1851, the Prize Medal in London; in 1855, the First-Class Medal in Paris; in 1862, the Prize Medal in London; in 1867, he was appointed Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur; and in 1878, he received the First-Class Silver Medal in Paris for Grasse products. He was later promoted to the rank of Officer of the Légion d'honneur.  


Internationally, the branches were flourishing. LT Piver products could be found in Austria, Russia, and even Brazil. Paris was no exception. Five splendid boutiques opened their doors on Place Vendôme, Place de la Bourse, Boulevard des Italiens, Boulevard Poissonnière, and Rue de la Chaussée d'Antin.With it, the Aubervilliers factory is then inaugurated, in 1869.


Louis-Toussaint Piver passed away. The company continued to shine under the watchful eye of Alphonse and then his son Lucien, who took up the mantle in 1881, assisted by two cousins, Athanase and Gustave Nocard. Three great perfumes were created under Lucien's leadership: “HELIOTROPE BLANC” in 1885, "REVE D’OR” in 1889, and "CUIR DE RUSSIE” in 1892. 


Jacques Rouché, son-in-law of Lucien and a brilliant personality, became an administrator at LT Piver and guided the company down the paths of modern perfumery. With the assistance of the eminent chemist Georges Darzens and his breakthroughs in organic chemistry, the company revolutionized the composition of its fragrances.


"LE TRÈFLE INCARNAT" was born, the first perfume to incorporate synthetic oils mixed with natural ones. "POMPEIA" was created in 1907, a reformulation of "RÊVE D’OR" in 1927, both perfumes achieving remarkable success, especially in the Middle East. Since its inception, the brand has never ceased to be sold and appreciated in every corner of the globe. In 1948, it was still said, "LT PIVER PERFUMES THE ENTIRE WORLD." 


Jacques Rouché retired. J. Godillot took over the management of this family business, followed by G. Gobeut in 1952. In 1958, a new General Manager, T. Godillot, assumed leadership. In 1972, LT PIVER was acquired by SOGÉMARCI and then by RHÔNE-POULENC in 1979. The company continued its journey under the guidance of other passionate individuals and celebrated its bicentenary in 1974. In 1979, Eric Amouyal, son of Prosper Amouyal, took over the leadership of the company.   



Nelly Chenelat crosses the wake of this maison and humbly inscribes her name in the long lineage of the bearers of a truly unique story. 

Guardians of an Inimitable Perfume for over 250 Years

Still to this very day, the Maison emanates its unmistakable perfume. A « je ne sais quoi » borrowed from another place and time of which we are, as of only recently, the happiest of guardians.

Going over and revealing more than 250 years of history requires some time, and the LT Piver Maison will continue to work to piece together our history so that we are able to unearth the treasures of the past.