One must have a certain taste of adventure to brave the banks of the river that is LT Piver, a perfumery Maison whose territory is as vast as the world – an epic saga of distant horizons beginning in 1774, the time of kings, queens, and ivory white wigs.

“Eau de Cologne des Princes”, “Rêve d’Or”, “A la Reine des Fleurs“, “Cuir de Russie“, “Pompeïa“… names of a bygone charm and the promises of a surprising sensorial Odyssey.

Open one of these bottles and you shall set sail against the tide to forgotten landscapes with only one guiding compass – your insatiable thirst for discovery.

Spanning time, crossing frontiers, embracing other cultures, and allowing yourself to be submerged in a world of expression where scents are mixed with colour, sound resonates, and emotions are summoned.