Our Innovative & Accessible Excellence

Fragrance The Whole World

LT Piver fragrances the world: every time, everybody, everywhere. Our generous fragrances have taken on, over time, the ancestral and historical rituals of the world, inviting themselves into every home. To wear or to perfume ones’ home with the fragrances of LT Piver have become a real tradition, each creation being a gem whose lasting shine is handed down from generation to generation, just as a precious talisman.

Opt For Quality at a Fair Price

The manufacturing secret of the Maison comes from building our very own combinations of middle notes and as a consequence, the creation of our own concentrates in the atelier; demonstrating our commitment to quality with powerful scents created using even delicate concentrations. By opting for quality of the concentrates over quantity, L.T. Piver is able to propose ample and generous bottle sizes at a fair price, meaning that the brand is able to find a place in every home. 

Manufacturing Sustainable Fragrances Made in France

Our raw materials in perfumery come from renowned perfumers in Grasse, France. The partners we choose for our other components are mainly based in France, or otherwise in Europe. LT Piver has full control and traceability over its supply chain, from the moment we receive the raw materials to the time we package the final product, in Chartres, at the centre of the Cosmetic Valley. 

Mixing Newsness and Experience

Each and every descendant has brought their creative energy and has left a mark on the Maison’s historical desire to enshrine progress; this is what makes the brand so strong today: a culmination of ingenious ideas, of constantly renewed imagination and of avant-garde innovation.

Now in her role, Nelly Chenelat, the CEO of LT Piver, feeds into this great desire to continue the adventure, motivated by the same creative audacity of those who came before her and a desire to see a bright future written in the pages of history: “in being inspired by the unique way the Maison has been able to create formulas and perpetuate its age-old know-how driving towards excellence, I aspire to galvanise the success of the original olfactive signatures of the brand.”